iPhone Flip to arrive next year? Apple to release folding phone

Apple to release folding phone

The iPhone Flip will be the first folding phone from Apple, and some industry experts expect it to arrive next year.

The growth of the folding phone market over the past few years has been an exciting extension of the camera phone market as a whole. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019, we’ve seen other folding phones appear. However, we’re yet to see a foldable offering from Apple, but this could all change in 2022.

Various sources are indicating that we could be seeing the iPhone Flip appear at some point next year in a flip/clamshell design. Likely to include either an OLED or mini LED flexible display from Samsung, the Flip has reportedly been undergoing extensive testing to ensure that this folding phone will be durable enough for everyday use.

Dutch website LetsGoDigital has produced a series of 3D renders of what we could expect the iPhone Flip to look like in collaboration with graphic designer Technizo Concept. These renders are based on information about Apple’s plans that have emerged from “various sources in the supply chain”.

Apple iPhone Flip
(Credit: LetsGoDigital x Technizo Concept)

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While these 3D renders definitely aren’t official, they do show an interesting potential design for the iPhone “Flip”. LetsGoDigital and Technizo Concept have included the triple camera setup that can be seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and a cover display to show notifications when the folding phone is closed.

iPhone Flip Price:

According to leakster Jon Prosser, the iPhone Flip will have a suggested retail price of $1,500, which is comparable to other folding phones such as the Samsung Z Flip and the Motorola Razr. Prosser also reports that the iPhone Flip will come in a variety of bright colors.

While it’s certainly exciting to see this iPhone Flip renders, we’ll still have to wait for official information on this folding phone. Industry experts are predicting that the earliest we’ll see the iPhone Flip is 2022 – but some think that 2023 is more realistic. Either way, we’re more than happy to wait for Apple to iron out all the kinks before they release it to the market.